Rethinking Payments


The Simplest way to make and accept payments online…no coding

You want to make it easy to get paid online? We get that! That’s why we built a payment platform tailored to your needs. Everything you want, nothing you don’t


Don't need to know how to program to add our payment Option
to your site


Accept Cash, MasterCard and Visa cards immediately


All your accounts are managed in a safe and secure cloud platform


Super Awesome!

With WIPAY our prepaid MasterCard can be loaded from any corner of the earth using a credit card. Great service!
- KENT BUYER (Vice President)

Extremely Happy

For our customers who don’t have credit cards, WIPAY provides them with the same opportunity to purchase tickets online.
- APRIL (Manager, A & D)

Exceeded Our Expectation

We wanted to add a credit card payment system for our courier delivery company. We got that and much more with WIPAY. We can now allow our customers to pay us in cash from the comfort of their homes.
- LAWRENCE (Manager)

No more lines at Eastern

At Eastern Credit Union we are always looking for new technologies to help improve our customer satisfaction. With WIPAY, our customers can deposit their monies to their account from any Lotto booth or using a Visa or MasterCard.
- CONRAD (Ceo)

Our Services

Our Services include our Virtual Visa card, cash wallet and award winning payment gateway.

Virtual MasterCard

WIPAY gives you an easy, safe way to pay online with our Prepaid Virtual MasterCard.
Instant Approval!

Payment Gateway

Accept cash online via Lotto booths
Detailed transaction reporting
Free Merchant Account setup fee
Free mPOS application to accept payment on the go

WIPAY Wallet

The only wallet you can use to save cash online.
With our partnership with IGT we have over 1000 load points in Trinidad and Tobago to load cash to your wallet.